KLCC Condominiums & Apartments – Sitting On Top Of The World

Picture of the Petronas Twin Towers

KLCC – The Playing Ground Of The KL Elite

KLCC is one of the most sought after commercial and residential address in Kuala Lumpur. A favorite among expatriates and the rich, the capital appreciation is said to be high with above average rental returns.

Widely recognized as perhaps the best planned integrated developments in Malaysia, the KLCC enclave boasts world-class amenities in the form of a landscaped park, convention centre, world-class hotels (notably Mandarin Oriental and Shangri-La’s Trader’s Hotel), the world-renowned As Syakirin Mosque, an upmarket shopping centre in the form of Suria KLCC and a host of A-grade commercial buildings (the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Maxis, Menara Carigali and Menara Exxon Mobil).

Some of the more well known residential developments within the KLCC area:-

  • 3 Kia Peng – 139 service apartments built by the Hong Leong Group. Tastefully designed (“Neo Classical” according to the developer, no less), it does look quite jaded from a distance.
  • Binjai Residency – Not to be confused with “The Binjai On The Park”, the Binjai Residency looks handsome and simplistically (is that a word?) elegant. Completed in 2007, the asking price has exceeded RM1,000 PSF since early 2001.
  • One KL – Main selling point – each unit has got its own swimming pool. Design looks especially unique, and not to everyone’s taste for sure. I once asked my favorite real estate agent, “How much is One KL?” to which he replied, “If you need to ask, then it’s probably not for you, bucko.” Cheeky fella.
  • The Troika – My personal favorite. Super close proximity to the Twin Towers (literally a stone throw away). Irregularly shaped; probably a post-modernism statement. Designed by Foster + Partners.
  • Marc Residence – 607 units located in two towers. Delicious cafe on the ground floor. Some of the units are managed by Ascott (branded as “Marc Suites”), and these are sold at a premium.
  • Park Seven – Seven towers with twenty floors each. Only one unit per floor so there’s lots of privacy, which is a major plus. Nice view of the landscaped park as well as the Twin Towers. One of my personal favorites!
  • Pavilion Residence – Located right on top of the Pavilion shopping centre, so it’s super convenient if shopping for luxury handbags is your cup of tea. Twelve acres integrated development with offices and a hotel to boot. Located at a prime spot of the trendy Bintang Walk, so it’s pretty unmissable.
  • Pearl @KLCC – Private lifts… the epitome of luxury surely. Completed in 2011 by Malton. It’s located at a spot which has got less traffic than the rest of the KLCC vicinity, which is a definite plus. Launched at about RM900 PSF, it has breached the RM1,000 mark eons ago.

More reviews of KLCC condos and apartments can be found by clicking on the “Which Condo” links on the right.

2015 Occupancy Rates

The average occupancy rates for luxury apartments and condominiums in the KLCC enclave have been slightly declining since late last year.

There have been some new launches since then which have been received well, especially those with a good proportion of units with smaller areas. Correspondingly, developments with bigger units tend to have lower occupancy rates. There have been perpetual signs of oversupply in the area, with some developments registering low occupancy rates (some as low as 50%). Good thing to ask the agent when you go around scouting for properties in this area. πŸ™‚

2015 Secondary Market Prices – What You Need To Know

Competition has increased tremendously for the last two years, and going by the classical supply-and-demand theory prices should be coming down accordingly. However, from looking at both asking and transacted prices of properties here in the KLCC enclave, pricing seems to be comparatively inelastic especially when analyzed side-by-side with Mont Kiara and Bangsar properties. We have received anecdotal feedback that prices are slowly creeping up now with the return of the expatriates (still not in droves) as well as overseas investors.

The asking price is currently between RM800 to RM1,500 per square feet; new, branded developments such as the RuMa are launching at RM2,000 PSF and above, thus setting a new pricing benchmark. Comparatively in Mont Kiara, asking prices is around RM600 to RM1,000 per square feet. Newer condominiums in the Mont Kiara enclave such as VERVE and MK11 are reaching KLCC levels in terms of prices.

The actual transacted prices have a smaller range, and this handy little guide outlines the steps on how to get property transaction data in order to calculate the property’s “true market value“. Download it – it’s free. πŸ™‚

Exceptions To The Rule?

The savvy buyer will realize that there exists different “tiers” in terms of prestige and value perception even between closely located developments within the KLCC enclave.

The Troika, located just right next to the Petronas Twin Towers, is known as one of the most prestigious residential addresses in Kuala Lumpur. Its launch price was around RM1,000 PSF in 2005 but has risen to more than RM1,700 PSF in 2009 (and has remained at that level since). The Troika does seem to be “in a class of its own”, and may be immune to pricing fluctuations which affect the other developments in the KLCC area.

Another development which could be classified as the upper tier is the Binjai On The Park – known mainly as the most expensive piece of real estate in PSF terms in Malaysia. Indeed, the asking price hit as high as RM2,500 in 2001.

Possibly “Negative” Factors You Must Consider

Due to its location (touted as the nerve centre of Kuala Lumpur the capital city), you should expect a significant degree of traffic congestion in the area. KLCC is a densely populated area, and the heavy traffic discourages its tenants to venture out of the area (although most amenities are well within walking distance for most developments).

Also, KLCC could be an obvious turnoff to people who prefer less hectic lifestyles. Packed with both residential and commercial buildings, it’s definitely not for those looking for a little peace and quiet!

Transport & Connectivity

The KLCC LRT station stops underneath Suria KLCC. Public buses (RapidKL) congregate at the bus hub near the entrance to the Petronas Twin Towers. There is also a tunnel link which connects the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center with the Bukit Bintang shopping district.

Being literally at the heartbeat of Kuala Lumpur, you can opt to walk to the Bukit Bintang shopping area (about 7-10 minutes by foot) or get a cab at the stop at the Twin Towers entrance.

KLCC Properties – Worth The Asking Price?

OK, let’s face it. Figuring out how much a KLCC condominium is truly worth its asking price is kinda tricky. Being a “prestige” product, the price of a KLCC property is not governed by the same dynamics as, say, an apartment in Keramat. However, the principles remain the same – you’ll need to check the transacted prices (NOT the asking prices), the trends, and how to compensate for current market conditions, etc. This may sound complicated, but trust me, it’s not.

If you’ve been looking at some of the listings at our local property portals, you’ll see an unbelievably wide range of asking prices. It could be one of these two reasons:-

  • The asking price is set arbitrarily by the seller or the agent just to “gauge” market interest. “Let’s just put this out and see if anyone bites…”
  • The plain old bait and switch trick. “I’m sorry, but I’ve just sold the last of the twenty Binjai 8 soho units that I had over the weekend! May I offer you a similar soho unit at Gateway Kiaramas?”

Knowing the property’s “true market value” will let you quickly eliminate these scammy listings and easily identify a good deal. And you can use this method that we are going to share with you to value any property – and not just KLCC properties.

Click on this link below for the free report, courtesy of our chums at GoodPlace.my –


Click Here For Free Property Valuation Guide

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  1. I am moving to kl in july considering living in one of those sounds-great condo…
    Looking forward to get some updated news!!
    And thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent news, Benedicte. Malaysia is a lovely country. Can’t imagine being anywhere else.

    • Hello Khai Yin,

      I am an RE investor. I would like to have a healthy discussion with you regarding Malaysian real estate.
      Please drop me an email.

      Thank you.

    • Hi Khai Yin, do you know about Star residences? have you done a profile of that condo? Thanks! Alex.

  3. stephanie lye May 19, 2013 at 5:59 am

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  4. Would appreciate advice. Thinking of buying a unit near KLCC for investment and possible stay

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  7. hello, I would like to know is there any room of any condo i can rent around KLCC area for pricing around 500RM-800RM preferably fully furnished unit. Thank you in advance.

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    Living in S’pore 5 years spending more time working in KL. looking for any new prop launches condo in KLCC area.

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    Quite interested in KLCC – the good, the bad and the ugly. Look forward to your emails.

    • Hi Marion – thank you for your interest. Are you looking to buy or rent if you don’t mind me asking?

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  12. Hadan H Yaacob June 7, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Condo prices seem not falling around KLCC but only 50% of room supply tenanted I presume. Meaning owners are top-rich niche and it matters not if units are empty. What would be th average service charge and sinking fund applicable for most KLCC condos, I’m waiting for good sub-sale buy but never see coming.

    • Hadan – this kinda reminds me of One Hyde Park where the buildings are mostly dark at night. Prices have tapered a little since the global financial crisis in 2008, but they never came down in a significant way. In luxury property markets prices do seem to show lower elasticity.

    • Geoffrey Letterman October 23, 2013 at 12:08 pm

      Same here. KLCC seems to be the safest investment. Prices remain stable when everything else falls apart, whereas prices in the outskirts are less resilient.

      What doesn’t make sense is that prices in the outskirts are nearing KLCC levels. The developers probably target foreign investors who haven’t experienced the horrible KL traffic. It once took me 2 hours to get from Mont Kiara to the office!

  13. Hi,

    I saw the news on possibility of Bank Negara removing the DIBS scheme.

    I know it will have a negative impact on the primary launches which has lead quite a big gap in pricing from the secondary market.

    What is your take on the impact on secondary market?

    • EC – my guess is that DIBS won’t be removed. However, banks will be pressured to be more stringent in approvals. But we shall see.

      • hi,
        Budget 2014 announced. What would be the impact to property ? Could you give me listing of property in klcc area ?
        Thanks in advance

  14. Hi
    im interested in four seasons place in klcc

    I’d like to know their asking price & more info,,
    could u sharing the information?

  15. Surely there must be a supply of older condos in the -500 psf range in KLCC..but with all the promotions of the newer condo’s they are difficult to find. Any suggestions?

    • Eva – you can’t get any older than Desa Kudalari (reviewed here) – and the asking price is now breaching RM1,000 psf even!

      If you’re keen on a city condo but not inside the KLCC enclave per se then check out Regalia (click here) – not as low as RM500 psf but is comparatively “cheap”.

      • i notice Regalia still has units unsold and prices havent gone up much. are there any issues with it?

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  18. I am interested in a database of transacted prices for condos in the KLCC area, if one exists…?

    • Rico, you can do a search at the government agency called “JPPH”. It costs RM1 per transaction. Alternatively, you can get in touch with your favorite agent. πŸ™‚

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  24. Came across this article in the latest magazine issue.

    Thought the investors here might be interested (but in chinese n a one page summary in English at the back)

    KLCC Buying Spree


    • RM5,000 PSF? Rather “unreal” by today’s standards, but condos on the Marina Bay (for comp purposes) are now around SGD3,000 PSF, no?

  25. Haha ya, and not to mention they r leasehold.

    Of course when I first read it, I take it with a pinch of salt. Cos everyone might have an agenda for writing something so bullish, ultimately which developer will invite u to give a talk if u are bearish, rite?

    But to give the call & forecast is something not easy, takes more than just guts. Most analysts will just write something that is as good as not writing, haha if u get wat I mean πŸ™‚

    Anyway, my own personal take on the article. Another 2 points probably not mentioned by them, which everything seem to fall in place for the perfect storm..

    Build then Sell

    When I first read abt SP Setia’s land deal with the British at 2200psf, I tot maybe it could be linked to the Battersea project so must not believe the price totally. Cos many anaylsts I spoke to all say that the acceptable price should be around 1500-1800psf for land in KLCC. And just recently the bungalow plot of German envoy is out on market… with a price tag of 200mil or 2500psf. We shall see if this deal works out. If it does, then land deal prices is a very good tell tale sign of whats coming.

    • Well, by the time it reaches RM5000 psf (or not) the article would probably be long forgotten. πŸ™‚

      Yep, saw that German envoy listing too. It’s probably one of those fringe deals – I mean, there’s some premium attached to the “I own that place where the German ambassador once lived” bragging rights.

      Ireka bought the plot of land on Jalan Kia Peng for RuMa for about RM2,000 PSF. That’s more indicative of a fair price, me thinks.

  26. yep, that deal is in 2009. Right after the lehman crisis. And 4 years have passed.

  27. So at 5-6% increase per year.. still considered fair right?

    • That’s a fair point. I’m long on KLCC, but the market has been largely flat even post the 2008-9 period. Arguably it’s due for an upward correction, and perhaps the recent-ish slew of branded developments will push it past its plateau. RM1,000 PSF was the benchmark five years ago. Now we should at least be looking at RM2,000+ PSF median price for new launches if any.

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    • That’s a mighty good idea, actually. There might be something in the pipeline – if it works out, I’ll send out the invite on the list. πŸ™‚

  37. I have 2 properties in KLCC which will be completed at the end of the year. Looking to lease out the units. Any good and reliable agents to recommend me as I am living abroad?

  38. i m looking for a condo/suite near klcc for investment. Any one pls update.

  39. My wife an I are looking to move to KL for 4 yrs from Sept 13 – – employment secondment – I would prefer fully furnished as a first choice. I read on sites the Pearl / Troika / One KL / The Oval and Avare are higher end and well placed.
    I would appreciate advice Pro / Cons including the BAD bits on each residency to help me make an informed choice.
    If you could recommend any that you would call a bit special I would appreciate – Monthly Rental 12,000 prefered > 15,000 is my absolute / absolute topps.
    I appreciate any guidance

    Kind regards K.

    • Karl – emailed you with an agent’s contact. He should be able to help you.

    • Hi Karl, my ONE KL unit will be fitted out by September. Am planning to use as a Second Home initially. But if the offer is attractive, I dun mind leasing out for a few years. You k contact me for viewing in September.

  40. Hi there, you seem like have a good insight about the condominium in kl. It would be great it you can share with me some analysis and guidelines on KLCC property. Basically I wish to know whether there is appreciation value in past and furture. Also, whether there is rental income opportunity. I believe this area is mainly serving the expatriates as the rental income can easily go up to RM10,000.

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  43. Is there any studio unit available for sale ,say MARC near KLCC?
    What is the size and current market asking price psf.Tanxi

  44. Hi, prior to coming to KL in Fall ’13 to invest in a condo, I would like to get in touch with an agent as well as an advisor for loans. I would appreciate a few good contacts that can help me sort out properties and administrative steps to save time when I’m there.
    are there banks specializing in loans for foreign buyers (EU)?

  45. Kindly email me the dirt list. Thks alot.

  46. i have to say this website is really informative and help us to be more well informed about KLCC condo pricing. I have a particular question about Dua Residency, what is the latest transacted price within the last 3 months. Was told by agent that RM850psf is the cheapest and average is above RM900psf. Really appreciate it if you can add me to your special list. You put up a great website! Thanks

    • Mike – that sounds about right. To verify, I’d make a trip to JPHH to make a transaction search. If you need a guide on how to do this, download the guide.

  47. Hi….kindly include me in the “dirt list” and for invite to property seminars, please. Thanks.

    • Linah, we are in the process of migrating the list to our partner, GoodPlace.my.

      On property seminars – well, we don’t run any πŸ™‚

  48. Do let me know if you manage to make a trip to JPHH for transaction search on Dua Residency. Currently i saw a few units with asking price from RM850psf onwards. I am just wondering if this is actual price or could be lower.

    • Mike – usually 10-15% downwards, but a JPPH search will provide the most accurate answer. Gotta wait till the Raya break ends πŸ™‚

  49. Hi, very good blog. Planning an investment sometime in KLCC.. realise prices here per sqr feet varies quite a lot although they are near each other..Any condos near klcc in range of 700k-1.3mil ? Can you include me in the “dirt” list ? And sorry to be blunt but I am quite new here. Any extra/special reuqirements for foreigners?

    • Hi Terry – we have migrated our “dirt list” to GoodPlace.my – go there to sign up. There are some unique requirements for foreigners. I’ll try to get an agent friend who specializes in this to help you. Please check your email.

  50. hi Sherpa,

    believe u have heard of the latest news of the Lot 99 being sold at RM3,325psf. It should be the highest till date since Angkasaraya site in 2008 @RM2588psf. Assuming the RM7,200psf Vincent Tan purchase k be ignored.

    Can you or your experts provide some insight on how much the selling price range is expected to be for this latest transaction? I heard that plot ratio k now goes to 14 subject to approval.

    Many thanks

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  56. Hi..

    I’m a property agent. I have a studio service apartment to let at TR Service Apartment at Jalan Tun Razak, KL beside the Indonesian Embassy. It’s a very strategic place and surrounded by facilities.Fully furnished and the rental is RM2,300.00 per month. Interested please call Linda at 014-261 1919.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Linda,
      I am looking for an apartment in KLCC to rent urgently. Arriving in mid Jan 2014. Please email me what you have available. I am in South Africa at the moment and am finding the house hunting very difficult.
      Thank you very much!

  57. Hi Khai Yin.

    I’m looking for a studio unit surrounding KLCC. I want to rent it as my 2nd home and also as a guesthouse for my visitors.

    + RM2K-RM2.5K per month
    + Fully furnished (washing machine and kitchenette will be plus points)
    + With window

    Parkview is great if you have one

  58. Hi K.Yin…im ely…im looking for an apartment for rent near klcc…i prefer it to b near to LRT or komuter plus my budget is around RM1500 and below..pls find me one n i wud like to move in by this DECEMBER 2013…tq K.yin

  59. Quote
    “Oxley buys prime freehold land in KL
    It pays RM446.7m for the plot in KLCC area, housing six bungalow properties
    FOLLOWING its first overseas acquisition in Kuala Lumpur in May, Oxley Holdings, which has been making headlines for its choice global investments, is adding yet another trophy to its stash.
    The latest is a plot of prime freehold land measuring about 12,575 square metres, located within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) area. Oxley picked up the site, which houses six bungalow buildings known as 149 to 159 Jalan Ampang, at RM446.7 million (S$174 million) from an estate sale.
    The group intends to redevelop the land, subject to obtaining all the necessary approvals, said Oxley yesterday. The site is in close proximity to Petronas Twin Towers, Suria KLCC, Grand Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, and various luxury condominiums, such as Four Seasons Place, Dua Residency, Binjai Residency and The Troika. There is also a diverse array of amenities including shopping malls, upmarket restaurants, nightspots and international schools.
    The developer, which made its name in shoebox developments here, has within a few months groomed an impressive stable of overseas pipeline projects.”

    that translates to RM3300psf… imagine Setia bought british embassy land for RM2200psf already raised eye brows.

    k take cue from this guy. so far he has proven his foresight & track record in Singapore and created many new phenomenoms like shoe box residential & industrial & office suites, of course not mentioning the record pricing psf… I will be keen to see his eventual layouts, pricing & marketing.

    • RM3,300 PSF. Do they know something that we don’t? Pots of gold buried deep under the bungalows? πŸ™‚

      • k take cue from this guy. so far he has proven his foresight & track record in Singapore and created many new phenomenoms like shoe box residential & industrial & office suites, of course not mentioning the record pricing psf…

        but the price like u say is RM3300psf, which is 50% more than what Setia paid for British Embassy land. At that time when I talk to people like HCS abt RM2200psf land deal, he also find it hard to justify beyond the triangle, let alone this one…

  60. Does anyone have an opinion on Star Residences, by UM Land and Symphony Life, f.k.a. Bolton?

  61. Hi, I am from bangladesh. I want to buy a apartment on KLCC tower. I am citizen of Bangladesh, it is possible to buy for me ! and I want to satel in Malaysia…

  62. Hi Khai Yin,

    I’m looking to invest in KLCC area. Great if you can help.


    • Stephen – what’s your budget like? Property type, size, etc?

      BTW – I am not an agent though, but I can connect you with one if you’d like me to.

  63. Hi Khai Yin,

    Budget from 500K – 1 Mil.
    Property size: studio, 1 bedroom or max 2 bedrooms.
    Intention buy to rent.


    • Hello Stephen – I’ve emailed you a contact. All the best!

    • I have a unit of Summer VOS at Jalan by UEM Sunrise due to complete soon this year, it is 494sq ft looking for 543k nett (1100psf).

    • Hi Mr.Yap,
      my name is Jason and I’m from a property agency called SIMON REALTY which is based at Kepong.
      Looking at your budget range, I would say that if you are willing to purchase a 2bedroom apartment at RM1million , I have just the right unit for you and it is actually negotiable to probably around RM900,000++ . This apartment is called Casa Residency , situated a few minutes away from Swiss Garden Hotel nearby Pudu. Casa Residency is a one block apartment that seems to be a place of choice among most expatriates/working professionals. It is no surprise that this apartment can be rented out from RM3200 – RM3600 with no hard work at all πŸ™‚ . Well, for me it wouldn’t be a problem as I’ve been focusing at this apartment for almost a year.

  64. Raha Abdul Suban January 15, 2014 at 4:41 am

    I have a unit in Binjai 8, it is suitable to be used as office unit.

    do contact me for further details.

  65. Hi

    I would like to know the below information.

    Property Name : St Mary Residence @ JLN Sultan Ismail
    Type & size : Studio (1131 sq ft ) & City Suite (1452 sqft)

    Information that I would like you to share with me.

    1. the actual transacted prices for this apartment in 2014
    2. possible to buy within RM950 ~RM1000 PSF?



    • JR: I’ve not been to JPPH since the new year. You might want to make a trip to the Sentral branch – it will be worth your while. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Khai Yin,

        Have u considered launching a platform similar to Square Foot Research of Singapore? And have people interested subscribe to it to get reports with ease? And they also provide information for nearby land sales and breakeven price psf etc for investors expectations of future launches.

        Will be nice to see something like that for KLCC for a start… and u did such a wonderful job for the walkability score!! keep it up!!

        • EC – yep, I’ve thought about that also. But I’m not sure if there’s a lot of takers for such a service here in Malaysia. KLCC is probably too small though.

          Interestingly, Prop Wall has got a similar feature where transaction reports are sold for some RM200 per pop – not sure how the response is/was.

    • to jr6633 :
      In regards to your question on if or not it is possible to purchase a unit at The St.Mary Residence @ Jalan Sultan Ismail at a price ranging from RM950.00 psf – RM1000.00 psf, yes it it possible.

  66. I tried propwall but was disappointed. not enuf info to show the subscriber in the first place like wat are the recent transactions he will be getting. it kinda of sucks really. i feel its a bad job and felt cheated, cos i feel the info is incomplete n they haven been updating

    • Hmm. To think that I almost plunked down RM200 to check out one of their reports…

      I’m making a trip to JPPH after the New Year to look up for some recent transactions. Let me see if I can buy the data in bulk and process it into something more useful.

      What would you want in a report aside from the bog standard transacted prices and records of sales in adjacent areas?

      • Will be great if a chart of some kind k be created showing the price trend. Most importantly the facing do reflect different pricing, will be good if they are further categorised into different facing (if there is a wide price disparity for that difference) and of course, things like historial low/high psf & the date recorded will be excellent. Really looking forward to it πŸ˜‰

  67. dear khai yin,

    I just wondered why Menara Avenue Residence@Menara Promenade near Hampshire is not listed in your KLCC Condominium list of apartment? Is it because the pricing is the lowest compare to other apartment/condominium in KLCC Area πŸ™‚

  68. Excellent site! Will be browsing here frequently in my quest to purchase a condo near KL’s city center for investment purposes.

  69. Hey Khai Yin,

    You’ve got some pretty good insight into the KLCC enclave. Would def like to hear your views on investing in one of those 2 bedroom resale condos in the KLCC vicinity in current market conditions. Budget up to 1.2mil. What would be your take on the rental aspects of the same. Also, being from Singapore, anyway that I could manage my property without much trouble eg. property management offices based here etc. Thanks a ton!

  70. Hi Khai Yin,

    Firstly, Gong Xi Fa Chai !!
    Wanted to thank you for the excellent site, very informative.
    I do have some questions and will email you separately !!


  71. Hi there guys,
    I see that this is quite a site with its information provided by various people..
    I’m actually a property agent that is one of a kind I would say.
    Basically , i professionally advice my clients or potential clients from A-Z regarding the property they are interested in..
    If at all , any one of you good fellows here are looking for properties to rent, buy, sell or you have a property that you yourself want to rent out, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

  72. Thanks Khai Yin for creating such an informative blog.

    Any chance for small player like me invest in KLCC area?
    My budget is around 500-550K,
    size: 500-700sqf
    for rent, hopefully to get positive cash flow.

    Do you have any good agent to intro to me? I had a bad experience with some property agent ….

  73. Hi…
    I am considering to rent around KLCC sometime in Aug/Sept this year… I am looking for at least 1BR and within walking distance to Suria KLCC for less than RM3,500 a month… Any suggestions?

  74. Dear Khai Yin,

    I’m a potential property buyer and will like to seek your insight on a some intended purchase which I’m currently considering.

    Will be glad if you can share your email so that I can correspond with you further.


  75. Hi Khai Yin. Am genuinely loving this blog and enjoy every bit of detail you share here. I am a foreigner currently looking for a condo for investment in klcc. Do you have any news to share about the Verticas?

  76. Hi khai yin , just picked up a soho suites over the week , any
    good ID designer at a affordable price that you can recommend . Thank You.

    • Chris, congratulations! I can’t recommend an interior designer for now, unfortunately. I have worked with a good few, and none impressed me that much that I could recommend to KLCCcondominiums.my readers in good faith. πŸ™

  77. Hi Khai Yin,

    It is very nice to see your website, study report, information and advices on snapping a unit near the twin towers. I am a foreigner and looking for a unit around RM 1.2 Where i shall focus on?

    Thanks and regards,


  78. Hi Khai Yin,

    It is very nice to see your website, study report, information and advices on snapping a unit near the twin towers. I am a foreigner and looking for a 2 bedroom unit with a budget around RM 1.2m. Where shall i focus on?

    Thanks and regards,


    • Jay, I’ve emailed you. Please also check your spam folder as Yahoo’s notorious for filtering even legitimate emails. πŸ™‚

  79. Hi Khai Yin

    What a lovely website I’ve stumbled upon. We are moving to KL from Oslo, Norway in July. Our budget is RM7500 – RM10000 and looking to hopefully move in the KLCC vicinity. We need 4 – 5 bedroom apartments. The clean lines and luxurious feels of Troika & Pavillion really interest us. With our budget will that be possible? Any other recommendations? Would appreciate any other inputs too. Thanks a million, Khai Yin

  80. Crazy website! In a good way, i mean. Lots of valuable informations you provide here Khai Yin so thank you. I’m viewing Setia Sky Residence and MyHabitat this Friday so would let you know if i still need help after that. Viewed Vista Damai before but not really keen on it. I love a modern and fresh building since i’m still in my 20s.

    • Thank you Syezzy. I personally would prefer Setia Sky Residences but you’ll do fine with either. Good luck!

  81. Hi Khai Yin,

    If I were to buy an apartment in the KLCC vicinity for RM1mil and below (bachelor pad), which of the places would you recommend? Perhaps a minimum sq ft of 700. Thanks.


  82. Hi Khai Yin,

    plan to buy a condo for own stay near klcc or near ampang park lrt station. Budget RM650k to RM900k. Any recommendation?

  83. Hi Khai Yin,

    I wonder if you do Pavillion rental too? I have a high floor apartment 2 bedroom 2 bath room.. Tastefully renovated and fully furnished with Japanese brand electrical goods…

    Location is right opposite pavillion, one car park available..

    Unit available in June, 2014
    Preferably company rental or expatriates..


  84. Hi Khai Yin,
    Have yet to receive your reply email rgds soho suites.

    Hi Chris Cheong, may b u can gave me some info rgds to your purchase of soho suites, eg, size,rate psf,flr level n facing view. it wl help a lots for me to decide as so many units r available now! how is d rental? as am buying for long term invesment. hope u could reply me asap, thank u in advance.
    angie lim

  85. Hi Khai Yin,
    I’m looking at purchasing a condo for personal stay around KLCC area. Can you recommend anything that is <5years old & <RM1 million please.


  86. I’m looking for a condo of about 500 to 800 sq. ft. preferably new launch or newly completed ones around KLCC area. Any recommendation?

  87. Hi Khai Yin
    Since all new projects reach a very high price, I am looking for condo near KLCC in secondary market, good location for MRT, with good investment return rate. Also consider for self stay after few years. budget in RM1.0m. Any good suggestion?

  88. hi Khai Yin. Is EVO suites bangi worth buying ? any comment from u? much appreciated.

  89. Hi, Khai Lin. Recently I received a mail from Monoland that it charges 1,450 SQFT for a condo on 42th floor, 681 sqft, facing KL Tower. Is it a fair price? If I personally prefer a KLCC petronas twin view, more than 36 floor in order to see the park and towers.How muche does it cost fairly?

  90. Hi khai yin & others,

    think by now many would have heard of the land sale of Tropican’s land in KLCC to a JV company with Hong Kong Agile.

    The price of RM3280psf is although just shy of the RM3300psf of what Oxley paid in Jalan Ampang, I would say the location & walkability score of the location won’t be that good.

    It is actually the land being sectioned off by Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Delima & Jalan Jati. If one is to drive along Jalan Bukit Bintang exiting the city towards Prince Court Medical (on yr left & Selangor Golf in front of you) you will often pass by “The Residences” showroom opp on ur left.

    That showroom is currently for the supposed to be “W Residences” by Tropican near KLCC but due to naming issues, they changed it to “The Residences”.

    This would be the exact site. Given a plot ratio of 10, most likely it would be pretty high and have views of the golf course.

    But it is good to know that land price has been more or less been in the RM3000+psf category even for areas boundering KLCC.

  91. Hi EC, thanks for the update. What do you naming issues? I thought The Residences will be run by W Hotel?

    • I understand they initially wanted to calles it “W Residences” something like Singapore’s.

      • Just bought a unit w hotel and residence,2500 psd ,45 floor corner unit, face to klcc, what’s your guys opinion?

  92. Hey,

    Any idea what is going to happen to the carpark next to MenaraExxon? No chance to be built out and perfect location!!!

  93. Hi khai yin, thanks for sharing all the useful information about Property investment.
    I am interested to invest in a condo/service residence near KLCC/Ampang hilir area with walking distance to public transport and shopping area. Preferable 1-2 rooms with size 600-900sqft. Budget rm500-700k. Quite interested in m-suite or similar. Don’t mind to consider aged condo but well maintain near KLCC area. Thanks.

  94. Hi Khai Yin,

    I’m looking to buy a property in the KLCC area for around 1mill mark, do you have any good advice/suggestions?

  95. Looking at buying new launch apartmnt/condo around klcc/pavillion/mid valley as well.any suggestion?

  96. Hi Khai Yin,

    Thanks a lot for the great write up for this site and also good place.

    I’m currently looking at Parkview and Regalia for investment purpose. May I know what’s your opinion on both of them? Which would possibly generate higher total return considering both rental and capital appreciation.

    Other than the two, any similar condo would you recommend?


  97. Hi Khai Yin,

    You have got a great site with lots of useful info. Thanks for the very well written guide.

    I am looking to purchase a condo unit for investment purpose. Budget around 1mill. Not decided on the location yet.
    I was looking at Tropicana Metropark at Subang (or is it Shah Alam?), as it is very close to my work place. What do you think of this? WIll I be able to get rental income?

    Please suggest any other condo you think is better for investment.


  98. Hi Khai Yin, Am looking at KLCC area with budget up to 1.5mil for rental as well as capital appreciation. Hope to hear from you soon.

  99. Khai Yin, what’s your view on the rates increase announced last night. Do you think any impact on klcc condo prices, small and bigger units?

    • Marginal. +quarter % points won’t make a difference for the cash buyers / minimum loan types, but speculators will suffer somewhat. In the latter case, firesales may be imminent if they unload around the same time.

  100. Hi Khai Yin. What is yr opinion on Star. Residencs at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng? What is market outlook around KLCC aince BLR is just up? Interested in a 1Bedroom unit.

    • My repy to @HNG above. πŸ™‚ Star Residences – competitively priced although it’s squarely in the branded residences segment of the market now. Might not have enough brand power to sustain prices unless there’s a tie up with a hotelier, etc.

  101. Hi Khai yin, Interested in investing in KLCC 1BR. Ruma residences still available? interested in serviced with decent rental income.please send me your ‘dirt’ list. TIA

    • Brunei Lady – I might know the people who have access to RuMa stock. Let’s talk over email instead.

  102. Hello guys , im searching for a good unit in a good klcc condominium with a maximum budget of 800,000 , please answer if you can help . Thank you

  103. Hi Khai Yin,
    I would like to know more info about Menara Pinang. Im foreigner and currently working in Wisma UOA 1. Would like to find studio or 1 bedroom apartment as im going to live alone, preferably not a really high price. You can suggest on other places as well which is within a walking distance to Wisma UOA.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  104. Hello Khai Yin,

    Thank you for such an informative site. I am looking to invest in and around KLCC with a budget of RM 500K to RM 900K and less than 5 years old – 2 bedroom …
    Is there any availability ?

    • I wouldn’t look at anything below RM1.2MM to be practical. Even that figure’s a low end, and choices are limited.

    • Hi Heaven,

      Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested looking for an investment near to KLCC..I got 1 unit landed house for you to check it out..

      provided very good access as well from the house to KLCC. I hope it would help you.

      we could communicate further through email
      my email:-


    • (Superceded)
      Hi Heaven

      I think I could help you, I got 1 unit 2 stry landed house to let go for you to think about it. It’s not quite far from KLCC and the view is greenie. Even the access to KLCC also quite good, you may take LRT or taxi.

      Feel free to drop me an email for further communication


  105. Hi Khai Yin,
    Really glad to have chanced on your website. Could you advise on the credibility of Exsim, the developer? I am looking to invest in the Expressionz off Tun Razak. Do you have a review on this property or any insights that you can share. Many thanks in advance!

  106. Hi
    I would like to speak with a reputable agent to potentially sell my apartment in KLCC area. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good agent?
    Thank you

  107. Hi Khai Yin, its an informative and interesting blog you have here. Can I know what is the asking price per sq ft for Vipod now, price for rent and sell. Thank you very much.

  108. Hi Khai Yin,

    Very informative site, I’m looking for a property around KLCC vicinity. Budget less than RM 1 million for own stay. Preferably 2 bedrooms. What is your recommendation? Thanks

  109. Looking desperately for a reasonable studio in klcc enclave like the Vortex which never was advertised or Quill residence. Can you give info on how to secure one…….

  110. hi, i have a unit in Binjai Residency for sale or for rent. interested parties please sent me a email.

  111. Anyone looking for a studio for investment? I have a currently tenanted one in Dang Wangi. Super easy to rent out.

  112. Hi Khai Yin.

    Can you share your insight with me on M-City? the appreciation in long term as well as the rental market for studio and 1 bed room unit. need advice urgently. thanks in advance.

  113. I am a pro trader. Long story short, Malaysia (and some other developing nations) will probably be forced into exchange controls as their currency plunges in 2015-16 and capital flight takes place.

    So only a fool buys property in Malaysia now. Same for Singapore. Beware the coming crash; it will be as bad or worse than the Asian Contagion of the nineties. Stay long US, short developing markets.

  114. i am looking for a property located near to the twin tower klcc , to be 2 bed rooms , for investment , or renting my budget is less than 800000 RM .

  115. Hi Khai Yin,

    An interesting and informative blog you have here.
    I have recently purchased a low desity property which contains 19units semi furnished apt at Gerbang Ampang Hilir nearby Sayfol International school. I ‘m looking for reputable agent to assist for renting. Do you have any recommendation of reputable agent?

    Many thanks.

  116. Hi Khai Yin,

    My friend had purchased few units at The Face Platinum Suites located at Jalan Cendana, I am looking for property along jalan sultan ismail for investment purpose. Do you have any review on this property that you can share?

    Many thanks.

  117. Hi Khai Yin,

    Have you ever considered doing something similar to this for commercial properties in the KLCC area? Offices, retails, etc.

  118. Hello Khai Yin,

    I own a unit in The Elements Ampang with 1 bedroom, currently looking for a good property agent to help rent it out, do you have any good agent to share with? And if I wanna post it online by myself, do you have any website to recommend besides from Iproperty? Thanks

  119. Hi Khai Yin,

    I’m looking for an investment property in KLCC. Would you have any recommendations?

    Kind regards


  120. Hi,

    your approach is very good. any plan benchmarking to Singapore or Thailand?

    By the way i am looking to invest on new property jalan Ampang/ KLCC area

    budget 600-750K. Any suggestion?

  121. Hi Khai Yin.

    I am lucky to found out about your site before buying any condo in klcc premises. I have a few question regarding the price per sq feet around klcc area. Would you recommend me a condo that i should get as this is my first time buying property in KL. Are you keen enough to shoot an email to me as i have more to asks. Sorry and thank you for the trouble.

  122. Hi Khai Yin, interested at upcoming Aria KLCC. Any thoughts on it?

  123. Hi I am looking to move out of the Pearl May 31, due to the noise. Looking for a property 3 bed apporx 3,000 Sq ft . professional single. Prefer balcony. Greg

    • Hi Greg, what’s your budget and may I ask if it’s a corporate lease or personal lease? I have something over at K-Residence which is about 20% smaller than what you are looking for.

    • Hi Greg, i have a unit at Binjai On the Park ,3700 sqf. Unit with balcony. Do contact (email) me if you wish to view the unit.

  124. Hi Mr King, I am from 7 U Thant Condominum, Jalan U Thant.
    U can contact me if you would like to view our apartment at 7 U Thant Condominium.

  125. Hi Khai Yin,

    I’ve a studio suite 5 minutes walk away to KLCC. Would like to rent it out for just RM3,000 per month.

    Do you have any potential tenant?

    Thanks in advance.

  126. Mayank Tiwaari May 12, 2015 at 2:23 am

    Hi there,

    I am looking for 1BHK or Studio type (fully furnished) apartment in KLCC area. Only issue is I cannot sign a contract because I will be moving from this place in September-October.


  127. Hi, would it be possible to view apartments on Sunday? I’m relocating to KL. Thanks!

  128. Thank u Khai Yin! I enjoy reading your posts! I am eyeing for a studio unit at Megan Ambassy. I do think its a nice spot just 20 mins walk to KLCC! However I do find that the studios are priced a bit high at around RM850-RM900 psf. The bigger units sell only at less than RM700 psf. Is that normal? What is your take on that? Thanks πŸ˜€

  129. for those who are interested in buying properties in KLCC or to Let/Sale can contact me too πŸ™‚

  130. Hi,

    Looking for a 1 Bedroom apartment (mid-budget) near KLCC. Please email me if anything available in next 2 months.

  131. Hi Khai Yin,
    I am interested in this new project Reizz Residence in Jln Ampang Kiri (Off Jalan Ampang). Surrounding projects within walking distance are The Elements, Arte S and M-City. For a free hold land at the price around RM780psf, what will be your view and advice? From some forums, some shared their views on potential of over supply glut in that area. Appreciate your view in regards to supply and density. Thanks.

  132. Was driving along Jalan Ampang and saw construction of condominium in progress located opposite the Ampang Park LRT. I thought that the project name was Emira but when I Google the only result I got was for Emira located at Shah Alam. Can you tell me what the name of this condo under construction located near to the Ampang Park LRT

  133. Any recommendation for KLCC for own stay?

  134. Anyone has any opinion on Kirana Residence? I know it’s quite an old project, but considering it’s location, the listed prices seem rather low ….

  135. Hi Khai Yin,

    Your website is great I found a lot of great information. Could you recommend me a good agent in KL ?
    We just arrived in KL and are looking for a 3 bedrooms apartment, fully furnished (KLCC would be the best).
    But if it is not too far from there we are OK.
    Thanks very much for your help.

  136. Hi Khai Yin,

    Have you heard of this project called Picasso Residence at Jalan Jelatek. I got to know this project when i passed by Jalan Jelatek last week but this project seems quiet in the market. What do you think about this project?

  137. Why no reviews of Star Residences in KLCC??? why there’s no analysis? Im about to buy a unit.

  138. christopher wee April 14, 2016 at 12:49 am

    Would like to find a cozy place to rent by end of 2016 or early 2017 …this long term. any offer and quotation?
    Required close to menara 3 minimum 3 bedrooms and fully furnish.

  139. Looking to buy a unit for investment, not necessarily KLCC enclave, surroundings are OK. looking for good rental yield. possible with my 700-800k budget?

  140. Hi, am considering to get Aria (on Jln Tun Razak) high floor unit with unobstructed view of the Golf club, 2+1 bed (990sqf) at 1.55m ard 1600psf
    Can I hv ur advise on this investment? Whether tis is a good buy for Long term? Cheers.

  141. Planning to move to KL in about 6 months. Looking for a good Condo within the KLCC area. Ideally 3 bedroom but would consider 2B but prefer newer complex inner city centre. Interested in either buying or renting

  142. Hi Khai Yin,

    I’m interested in purchasing a property for own stay around KLCC, in zone A and C. Kindly recommend good experienced agents. Thanks!

  143. looking for condo walking distance to klcc/pavilion

  144. Looking for condominium for own stay, family of 6 ( 2 adult 4 kids ).
    Immediate vicinity of KLCC park with good walkability.
    Size 4000 sqft above, car park > 4.

  145. Hi Khai Win, please include me in your ‘diet’ list. I’m interested in buying a property in Skyville8 (formerly known as benteng8) in o

  146. i have my friend’s mom to sell one unit at Marc Residence. 5 minutes walk to KLCC. 1626 sqft with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms fully furnished. Heard that the tenant renting around RM7k per month just migrated and they want to sell the unit at RM2.3mil.

    You can drop me an email if you are seriously looking for a unit just beside KLCC.

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