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GoodPlace Walkability Scores map (KLCC)

How “Walkable” Is Your Favourite KLCC Condominium?

One of the major selling points for KLCC condominiums is how “walkable” they are; indeed, for a large number of condos in this area there are an abundant of amenities which could be reached by foot.

Borrowing a piece of technology from our sister site’s team at, we have completed the calculation of “Walkability Scores” of a majority of condominiums in the KLCC and surrounding areas. The Walkability Scores are calculated based on the following factors:-

  • Walking distance to basic amenities such as food, schools, police stations and hospitals.
  • Walking distance to secondary amenities such as shopping centres, laundrettes and shops.
  • Availability of nearby transportation such as taxi stands and LRT stations.

The “default” (and maximum) score is 100, and we apply a dampening factor which increases with walking distance to amenities and transportation points. More information about the computation of Walkability Scores can be found at our sister site

We have also mapped out the scores in the form of a high resolution map which you can download below.

How To Download

The map comes in both high resolution (9Mb) and moderately-high resolution (3.6Mb), and are in PDF format. You will be able to download both versions upon liking our Facebook page (which we have just launched rather recently – so go check it out as well).

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High Resolution Map – right click here and choose “save as” (9Mb)

Moderately High Resolution Map – right click here and choose “save as” (3.6Mb)[/to_like]

I hope you find the map useful! If you have any questions or feedback, use the comment feature below. Special thanks to EC and Harry who suggested this feature to us a couple of months ago. 🙂

31 responses to Free KLCC Walkability Map

  1. I think you get Desa Kudalari and Desa Angkasa mixed up. Dua Residency location appear to be off too. Unless the map is not about the condos location, just to indicates their respective “GWS”. But then again most other condos seem to be at their correct position.

  2. Thanks for calculating/compiling this! It’s about time we started to give more importance to pedestrians and the value of inner-city living to sustainability.Quick qualm: why are the sizes of the names not corresponding to the actual score? Seems very counter-intuitive and inaccurate.

    • Puppypup – you’re right. That’s a good idea actually – I’ll ask my designer if he could make tweaks so that the sizes of the names are somewhat representative of the score. Thanks!

  3. Masood Al-Harazi December 7, 2013 at 11:55 am

    Is there any reason why Brunsfield Embassy View is not showing on your Free KLCC Walkability Map? Thank you.

    • Masood – Brunsfield Embassy View will be reviewed at our sister site – a dedicated site for Embassy Row properties. Watch this space for updates.

  4. The Mews by E&O is off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, and back to back with Hampshire Residences. Informative and thanks.

  5. Hiya Khai,
    Excellent job. Is there any reason why Mayang Court Condominium that’s right next to Avenue K doesn’t appear on it’s namesake list : Zone B: Mayang?

    • Thanks, Za. The reason why Mayang Court is not there is because we don’t have a review for it. If you’d like to give it a shot reviewing it let me know 🙂

  6. The map is a wonderful idea. May I suggest an improvement- make the names of the condominiums in the map clickable (eg in an embeddable Google Map version) , and provide links to reviews by or their websites, if available eg and

    • Thank you, Ray. The map is actually clickable (use the Blue Box icon at the right hand corner of each info box). It’s not immediately obvious, I know.

      Meanwhile, we are building a sister site at where the entire map is the browse/search tool. We are currently populating the site, but the basic structure is up. The entire database should be up by the end of next week the latest.

  7. Hi clicked lice on Facebook page… But don’t see the link to download map.

  8. Hi,

    May I have the report, please? I do not have a facebook account and do not intend to have one.


  9. I’m not on Facebook, so how do I get a PDF format of the map?

  10. Leong chia how June 2, 2014 at 12:30 am

    Hi khai yin, I would like to have a copy of high res walkability map for klcc and mont kiara too. Maybe due to browsing via ipad, the link is not showing even after liked the page. Thank you in advance.

  11. Hi, I’ve clicked like on FB but don’t see the download link.
    Can u please email to me
    Thanx in advance

  12. I would like to obtain a copy of the map, but am not a Facebook user. Could you help please?

  13. I, too, would like a copy of the high resolution map but am not a facebook user. Would appreciate an alternative to obtain it. Thank you.

  14. I have “like” your faceboook page but can’t seem to get your Free KLCC walkability Map

  15. Hi KY,
    I’m not a fan of FB as well, can you please email me a copy of the KLCC maps? Thank you!

  16. Enjoying your site! Not a Facebook user. Could I have the map pdf mailed instead? Thx.

  17. Hi Khai Yin,

    I am unable to download the map in spite of following your instruction.Please email me a copy.

    Many thanks

  18. Hi, i do not see any download link for walkability map for KLCC, is there a new version somewhere? How can i get a copy of that? Thanks

  19. Hi KY,
    I don’t do FB, could you please email me the map.
    Many thanks for a great site and good luck with the new one,
    Kind regards, Leon

  20. Sorry.. Don’t do Facebook. Is there any way the walkability map can be accessed without having to ‘ like’ pages?

  21. Is KL really walkable? been here a month and I have already been mugged! Snatch-thieves abound. Horror stories even in KLCC. You have to drive or use cabs everywhere. The city looks developed but safety is a major concern.

  22. Hi khaiyin,

    I went to the facebook page but cant find the map. Can i have the copy of high res walk-ability map that you can share (area KL, Selangor mainly) ?

    Hope you’ll keep on writing good info since i’ll keep on reading.

    Thanks you

  23. Hi, signed up and tried to download map without success. Do you mind emailing it to me? thanks!

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